Pig Iron Sesa



Product Description

As an intermediate product of ironmaking, this pig iron is derived from the chemical reduction and physical conversion of iron oxides into liquid iron. Our SFG03 grade boasts a high carbon content of typically 3.5-4.5%, along with controlled levels such as a maximum of 0.07% sulphur, 1.51-2.10% silica, 1.20% manganese, and a maximum of 0.140% phosphorus. Ideal for manufacturing grey iron castings in cupola furnaces, our compositions are meticulously formulated to optimize costs, standardize processes, and minimize rejects.

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  • Wire Rods - V-Wirro comes in Low Carbon, Medium Carbon & High Carbon grades to fit a wide range of applications in the Engineering, Construction, Power & Automobile Industry. With features like uniform mechanical properties, excellent surface finish and close dimensional tolerance, each wire rod is free from surface defects and inclusions. The size range is from 5.5mm to 16mm and is as per IS 7904:2018 standard.
  • TMT - TMT are thermo mechanically treated steel bars which are produced by controlled quenching & self-tempering process. V-Xega TMT bars are produced in Grades- Fe500D, Fe550D, Fe500D CRS & Fe550D CRS as per IS 1786:2008 standard. Carbon & Carbon Equivalent levels are kept to a lower level than as specified in the standards to attain better properties.
  • Ductile Iron Pipes - Ductile Iron is considered the most preferred pipe material for water supply and pressure sewerage application all over the world. V-Ducpipe ensures good health flows to every home. Known for its high Tensile Strength and inherent corrosion resistance of Cast Iron. Our Ductile Pipe are available in classes K7 and K9 with diameter DN 100 to DN 1200, conforming to IS 8329:2000 standards, which guarantee more pressure bearing ability, unmatched impact resistance and improve capacity to sustain static or dynamic loading.
  • Pig Iron ESL - An excellent charge mixes for EAF's, IF's & Foundries. Clean Steel ensuring quality of finished product. Consistent quality ensuring consistency in the liquid steel. Better Surface finish in Castings.


  • Wire Rods - Free from surface defects. Uniform Mechanical properties across length. Superior cooling system ensuring low scale formation in products. Low phosphorous and Sulphur content. Low level of metallic and non-metallic inclusions resulting in superior drawability. Excellent thermo-mechanical properties and high dimensional consistencies.
  • TMT - Superior corrosion resistant and rib pattern. Superior strength and high ductility. Resistance to ageing. Excellent bendability and workability. High seismic property and fire resistance property. Higher Fatigue Strength.
  • DI Pipes - Withstands very high pressure as well as static & dynamic load. High tensile strength and impact resistance. Effective leak-tight joint through push-on type joints. Higher resistance to corrosion due to higher presence of carbon in microstructure and outer surface is coated with zinc.
  • Pig Iron ESL - Clean Steel ensuring quality of finished product. Consistent quality ensuring consistency in the liquid steel. Better Surface finish in Castings.